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During September 2015 we held an eSafety information session for parents/carers

Are your children safe online?
Should you leave them alone with access to the Internet?
What are your children doing online?
Is there anything you need to do?


The school  invited the senior eSafety Adviser from Herts for Learning to come and help parents/carers find answers to these questions.  The session included topics such as: cyber-bullying, social networking, online grooming, damaging postings, inappropriate websites, and gaming. 


During the session the following information sheets were given out.  Copies of these are available by clicking below.

Some social networking services such as Facebook, Instagram and have a minimum age of 13.  These services will also be discussed as it is important to understand why they have an age restriction and the additional risks that primary age children will face if they attempt to use them. Copies of information sheets on these three services are available below.