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Growth Mindset and Wellbeing

Growth Mindset


At Wilbury, we are passionate about supporting our pupils to maintain a sense of wellbeing in these difficult times. We also want to provided lasting and transferable skills that would impact our pupil’s mental health not just now but in their future.


We have introduced lessons on developing a ‘Growth Mindset.’ Through discussion and activities, the children are developing resilience and confidence, allowing them to face setbacks and overcome challenges in a positive and insightful way. They are learning to embrace their mistakes and take risks. Every week we celebrate a pupil from each class, that has been a champion of our Growth Mindset values. These are: Courage, Resilience, Confidence, Organisation, Respect and Tolerance.


Before Easter, the children received daily ‘Growth Mindset’ lessons to support their transition back to school. They will continue to use this approach throughout their schooling, embedded in all curriculum areas.


This half term we gave every child in the school a packet of seeds,

to remind us to grow our brain, develop our skills and reach for the sky



Pupil Voice 

"I'm much better at taking risks now. I try to be brave and do the extension tasks even though they can be tricky." Year 4 pupil

"When I get stuck on my work, I think I can't do it YET and then try to think of some things that I can do to help me do it." Year 5 pupil

"Sometimes I'm a bit shy, so I am working on being more confident. I challenge myself to play with different people on the playground and put my hand up more in my lessons." Year 6 pupil






At Wilbury Junior School we are committed to promoting and supporting positive mental health and emotional wellbeing of our whole school community.  We recognise that mental health and emotional wellbeing is just as important to our lives as physical health.

Hello Yellow October 2021

Pupil Voice


"Writing in the journal makes me happier about myself as it helps me understand what I am feeling." (Year 5 pupil)


"The journal helps as sometimes I don’t want to speak to anyone and with the journal I know it’s only for me." (Year 6 pupil)


"I can communicate that I am feeling bad by asking to speak to the teacher, write a message in the Time to Talkbox,

by using the zones of regulation in my classroom, or use the mindfulness breathing techniques I have been taught."

(Year 4 pupil)

Wellness at Wilbury

March 2021


Mindfulness Monday - 5 to 10 minute mindfulness breathing exercise during the day to enable children to become present.


Take Note Tuesday - Take notes of what is around us by using our senses.


Workout Wednesday - Exercise


Thankful Thursday - Showing gratitude


Fun Friday - Reconnecting with our friends 

Wellbeing Activities in school

In recognition of the hard work of our pupils and parents over remote learning during Spring Term 1, we wanted to promote non-screen activities that our school community could take part in.  This was set during February half term.

World Mental Health Day October 2020

Random Acts of Kindness - March 2020

During the 1st Lockdown, we set the children a Random Acts of Kindness Game to take part in.  Children scored points per act they completed.