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January 2021 Lockdown VLOGs

Remote Learning Daily Schedule


Each child in school has been hand delivered a learning pack which contains an exercise book, a pencil, a Power Maths practice book, a Maths and English CGP study book and other relevant support materials. 


Each day all children at Wilbury will also have access to online learning both live and pre-recorded via Google Classroom. It will follow the below schedule:


By 8am each day a  Maths lesson, English lesson and one other lesson, that has been pre-recorded by your class teacher, will be accessible on Google Classroom.  Children should also take part in TTRS and reading daily. Each day a daily headteacher VLOG will be available on the school website and Google Classroom. 

9 – 9:30am1st live session – Good morning, discussion of learning for today, answer any queries.

9:30 – 2pm – Teachers will be available to respond to emails from parents and Google Classroom comments from the children as they learn at home. This time is also used by teachers to plan, teach and record the following days sessions. 

2 – 3pm2nd live session – This will include some of the following - feedback from teachers, time for children to share work, game, guided reading

3 – 4pm – Teachers will be available to respond to further emails from parents and Google Classroom comments from the children.


Additional tasks to support children learning at home will also be available such as PE sessions, competitions and challenges!


If children need more reading books, please contact the school who can arrange a safe time for you to come in and choose some more.


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