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Our History curriculum meets the requirements of the national curriculum and has been further developed in school to meet the needs of our children. Our termly themes are focussed on a history or geography topic allowing the learning in these areas to be linked to other subject areas but still to be taught as discrete subjects. To support the teaching we focus on the skills they need to use and apply the knowledge they secure. Our curriculum is designed using Curriculum Maestro - for further information see on main curriculum page.

The topics the children learn have been identified through meeting the requirements of the national curriculum and we also seek to create aspirations through famous historical figures, engage them with local relevance and context and we use child friendly topics to develop curiosity and engagement to explore the past.
We aim to bring History to life by immersing children in memorable experiences, looking at artefacts, inviting visitors into the school and taking part in school visits.



At Wilbury we aim to have pupils who are confident and able to talk about what they have learnt in history using subject specific vocabulary. We want our children to enjoy history and are able to recall their learning over time. Children's work should demonstrate that history is taught at an age appropriate standard across each year group with opportunities for children of all abilities to engage; that what they produce is of good quality and demonstrates pupils are acquiring knowledge, skills and vocabulary in an appropriate sequence.