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Careers progression


Career Progression at Wilbury Junior School


At Wilbury Junior School,  we not only believe that children are learning,  but adults are learning too. We pride ourselves on developing individuals and having a rolling program of development so that we have the capacity to support with the time release if needed or the expertise within the staff to support. 


* Regular and routine CPD takes place for all staff along with additional training for individuals to support current practice or career progression.  this includes all safeguarding etc. We have open access to the National College and staff utalise this whenever possible to do training in areas of interest or need. 


* We ensure we have an apprentice teaching partner each year or an apprentice in a different area in the school- this can be new to the school environment,  straight from school or already working at the school and developing their career progression. 


* Several of our apprentices are still with us and are continuing their career progression through the open university and continuing to gain on-the-job training and opportunities to support them in their path. 


* Over the last 4 years we have employed Teaching partners who have then taken part in the school direct process and then stayed with us as teachers and we have supported and nurtured them during the NQT and now ECT process and beyond. 


* All senior leaders have completed and are taking part in NPQ programs to further develop their skills and those who have completed them have been given opportunities to put into practice the skills that have learned.


* class teachers who are wanting to progress further have also been given the opportunities to tae part in NPQs 


* SENCO award training for those who have a passion for this so that they can learn the skills before they are in a role with such demands. 


* Admin staff  who have taken on business manager training to support themselves and the school


* Routine appraisals take place and during these times and other times in the year we find and create opportunities to support staff in their chosen path.  This has included protective behaviors training, drawing and talking training, intervention training, phonics so that established teaching partners are also able to offer additional skills 


* All staff have taken part in to 'insights into discovery' to understand their own personality profiling and the traits they have and how to use them. This started with communication and different people's communication styles. Using this training has given staff more self-confidence and self-belief to have new ambitions and goals. 


* The headteacher along with the AHT lead the CPD and staff development across the school- 



* we also believe that the school is a learning community for the parents, for this reason, we have run several learning programs for them through Hertfordshire Steps to skills and aim to get enough interest to start having functional skills in English and Maths.  


Career Progression and Training through Agora Learning Partnership 

We are fortunate to work as part of the Agora Learning partnership and have access to CPD for all staffing areas and opportunities to support other school through the Agora Associate program


* We have National College for staff, parents and governors so that we continue lifelong leanring