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PE Curriculum and Sport Premium

At Wilbury, we have designed a PE curriculum that aims to go beyond National Curriculum guidelines; creating a subject which develops both new and existing skills in all children. Throughout their time at school, each pupil will be taught the fundamental movements – which are vitally important in their development, not only in PE, but in other subjects too. This approach allows pupils to develop a high level of physical literacy, which can be transferred into numerous sports, physical activities, and general healthy play.



All children should be provided with the opportunities to:

  •  Become physically literate while embarking on their own personal skills journey in an enjoyable environment.
  •  Experience a wide range of traditional and non-traditional sports and activities.
  •  Develop confidence and competence in performing skills individually, as part of a group and, where appropriate, to an audience
  •  Build social, personal, cognitive, creative, and physical skills though a holistic approach to learning
  •  Pursue aptitudes and interests that promote a healthy lifestyle
  •  Understand, in an age-related way, the effects physical activity and exercise has on their body

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