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School Meals

All Children who are not in school next week and are entitled to Free School Meals will receive a £15 voucher. If your child is in school as a keyworker or vulnerable pupil and are entitled to Free School Meals they can have a cooked meal on site, you will receive a voucher for the days they are not in school. 


We have had some great examples of how to use the vouchers to support not only lunches but breakfasts and dinners all with the £15 voucher . 


If you have any good ideas or pictures please send them  in. 



£15 weekly voucher

Please see VLOGS on some ideas on how to use the school hampers
A big thank you to bagel Breakfast who will kindly donate some bagels, cereal and some beans to each child who is entitled to FSM. These will be delivered on Monday so may not be available to pick up until the Tuesday, it will depend on the time of the delivery. A text will be sent out when it is time to pick them up. 

Chartwells- Beyond the Kitchen booklet

You will find information here regarding school meal prices and meal options

If you pay for school meals, dinner money must be paid in advance at £2.55 per day. All dinner money must be paid via Wisepay. For more information please contact the School Office.

Dinner Money - 2nd half of the Spring Term




Per week £12.75

Per day £2.55