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A big thank you to bagel Breakfast who will kindly donate some bagels, cereal an some beans to each child who is entitled to FSM. These will be delivered on the Monday so may not be available to pick up until the Tuesday, it will depend on the time of the delivery. A text will be sent out when it is time to pick them up. 

On Monday 20th April Free School Meal hampers will be available to pick up from outside the kitchen from 12:00

Hot Hamper for the week 

2 x jacket potatoes

Tin of baked beans


Bread for 2 days


Carrots and cucumber

Cake or cookies

plus some snacks such as crisps, frubes and raisins 


Cold Hamper for the week 

Ham or Tuna 




Cakes or cookies


Carrots and cucumber

Snacks such as crisps, raisins and frubes 

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Chartwells- Beyond the Kitchen booklet

You will find information here regarding school meal prices and meal options

If you pay for school meals, dinner money must be paid in advance at £2.50 per day. When sending in money please ensure it is in an envelope, well-sealed, and clearly labelled with your child’s name, class, amount and ‘Dinner Money’ written on the front.


Cheques should be made payable to Wilbury Junior School.  (This does not apply to those qualifying for free meals.)

Dinner Money - 2nd Half Term of the Spring



 Spring 2nd Half-Term

Meal every day £72.50

Per week £12.50

Wednesday roast £15.00

Friday Favourite £15.00

Chartwell lunch menu