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Our Curriculum for PE


At Wilbury, we have decided to use GetSet4PE, our rationale for this change was to ensure children are developing, improving and practicing a wide range of skills and enhancing their knowledge in a structured and creative manner. Our vision is that children will be able to utilise and apply these skills in a range of different games, sports and activities to further improve their fundamental movement skills alongside their physical literacy. This promotes inclusivity for all children, so all children have a chance to develop a lifelong love for PE by opening up the range of experiences for them, thus giving them more chances to enjoy physical activity and sport.


In PE lessons, children have dedicated time to warm up through high intensity games, that challenge their fundamental movement skills and physical fitness; stretch muscles, which they will be using before main activities; the children will then spend time learning and practicing learnt skills and then have the opportunity to apply these skills and knowledge gained through fun game-based, competitive activities. Finally, children have a gentle cool down, stretch and reflect on their learning to set challenges for their future lessons for themselves.

In the summer of the academic year 2022/2023, we introduced orienteering to our school. It has been a huge success and children are loving the opportunity to be physically active, utilising the whole school site. The package we are using is called cross-curricular orienteering, meaning it can be applied to many other subjects taught within the National Curriculum. 


If you'd like to find out more about our new orienteering provision please follow the link below, where you can explore the website.