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Year 3

Welcome to year 3!


Our first term in year three is going to be a busy one, we have so much to learn and so many exciting things planned. Our topic for this term is Ancient Egypt. The subject areas we will be covering are History, Geography, Art and Design and Technology. We will start by locating Ancient Egypt using grid references and compass points. We will then be learning about the achievements of the Ancient Egyptians and how they used to live. In Design and Technology, we will be making Canopic jars using clay and we will also be tasting and preparing Ancient Egyptian food.  


In Guided Reading, we will be reading Diary of a Killer Cat by Anne Fine and the Boy who Biked the World by Alastair Humphreys.  Why not see if you can borrow a copy from the local library to read along with?


In our English lessons, we are looking at writing in a range of genres including adventure fiction and poetry.


In Maths, we will start by learning about Place Value and then developing our skills in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.


Your homework will be; reading at least three times a week, practising your times tables via the Times Tables Rockstars website and learning weekly spellings.


Below are the PE days for each class. Our PE this term will be Netball and Multiskills. 


Scarlet (Miss Ives) - Thursday and Friday

Ruby (Miss Gaitely) - Tuesday and Friday

Crimson (Mr Hicham) - Monday and Friday


We hope you have had a lovely Summer holiday and are looking forward to this year as much as we are. 


Miss Ives, Miss Gaitely and Mr Hicham


Year 3 Class Teachers