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At Wilbury, mathematics is taught daily to all year groups, following the Power Maths (PM) scheme which is aligned closely with White Rose maths to support progression through a mastery approach. This scheme includes the use of interactive teaching tools, models, images and independent work that is completed in workbooks. Lesson sequences are suggested by Power Maths, adapted by the teachers, to support learners of all abilities, ensuring misconceptions are addressed regularly. All lessons are planned so that there is a fluency style sheet to support those struggling and a challenge sheet to extend the learning. PM guides our long term plans but teachers are encouraged to use other sources to support the curriculum to provide the best opportunity for all learners - children have an additional blue book for additional lessons, lesson challenges and ‘End of Unit checks’. PM aims to teach the lesson in small steps, as a whole class, covering a ‘discover’, ‘share’, ‘think together’ and ‘deepening learning’ approach to provide a range of ways to learn, using manipulatives and images to support. A large focus of PM is using the concrete - pictorial - abstract approach to support learners of all abilities and those who learn in different ways.

Each morning, a fluency starter is used to support quick recall and recap of number. This can often be the ‘Power Up’ element of PM, however teachers use their own assessment to ensure the starter is appropriate for their class - whether it be to support the lesson or close identified gaps in learning. Children have opportunities to practise fluency further through arithmetic lessons and Arithmetic tests within the week. In Year 3 and 4, there is a heavy focus on children becoming fluent in their recall of multiplication facts up to 12 x 12 and so extra sessions are planned for these year groups.. Times Table Rock Stars is also used as a resource for children to use at home and school to practise their times tables and increase their recall speed.

As a school, we use interventions - pre-teaching before the lesson or as afternoon catch-up - to support those who may struggle (1:1 or small groups) .For some children who have significant gaps in their mathematical knowledge and are therefore working significantly below age-related expectations, we think carefully about how we can best meet their learning needs.  Where a child (or group of children) with SEN cannot access any of their year group’s learning, this may result in using a different approach. Class teachers, SLT and the SENCo would be involved in any decision in this regard. Where appropriate, links are made with other subjects in the curriculum to reinforce skills, knowledge and understanding and enhance learning. The subject is regularly monitored by the subject leader and this includes learning walks, book looks and staff CPD. Teachers and TPs follow the calculation policy to ensure consistency of approach throughout the school.



Teachers use formative assessment during teaching and learning and provide support where appropriate so that all children make progress and those who have not met the expectations for the lesson get the support required in interventions. At the end of each lesson, the children’s independent work is marked in line with the school’s marking policy.  Future planning is adapted where necessary in light of this. At the end of each unit an ‘End of Unit Check’ is carried out and results are used to inform future planning, extra lessons and additional fluency focus areas. The children’s progress is monitored by the class teachers and discussed in pupil progress meetings. End of term assessments are carried out and this, as well as teacher assessment, will inform summative assessments recorded on the school’s Arbor tracking system. Children in Year 6 complete SATS and children in Year 4 complete the Multiplication Tables Check (MTC) in the Summer term. The outcomes are evaluated as part of the school Self Evaluation process to inform future practice and support.


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Times Table Rockstars

All children at Wilbury have access to TTRockstars. We use Times Tables Rockstars as a tool to help pupils develop fluency in multiplication tables in school and at home.