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Relationship and Sex Education Policy 


The Department for Education had planned to introduce compulsory RSE from September 2020 for all primary schools. Due to the impact of Covid-19, this has now been pushed back to no later than the start of the summer term 2021.


The aim of RSE is to give young people the information they need to help them develop healthy, nurturing relationships of all kinds, not just intimate relationships. It should enable them to know what a healthy relationship looks like and what makes a good friend, a good colleague and a successful marriage or other type of committed relationship. As a school, we would always want to deliver a curriculum which has the support of the vast majority, if not all, parents. Please use the links below to view the school’s consultation PowerPoint, RSE policy, and Knowledge Organisers for Unit 6.



Parental Consultation on Relationship and Sex Education (RSE)

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Please watch this video first and then have a read of the RSE policy, Knowledge Organisers for Puzzle Piece 6 - Changing Me.


Feedback from the questionnaire


Thank you for responding to the PSHE/RSE questionnaire.


Here is a suggested book list as requested from the questionnaire.