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At Wilbury, we use the Charanga Primary Music curriculum.

Using this scheme, all year groups have access to a library of songs and resources that we incorporate into our teaching. All children are catered for, from those who are beginning their journeys into learning an instrument to those who have yet to have an opportunity to do so.

For more information on Charanga, please use the following link:

During the Autumn term:

  • Year 3 had targeted djembe drumming sessions with a specialist, focusing on the song We Will Rock You.
  • Year 4 learnt about pop music, and practiced and performed the song Mama Mia.
  • Year 5 learnt about rock music, and practiced and performed the song Livin’ on a Prayer.
  • Year 6 learnt about contemporary pop music, and practiced and performed the song Happy.

In the Spring term, Year 3 will be moving onto using Charanga, Year 4 will be learning about The Beatles, Year 5 will be performing Dancing in the Street (by Martha and the Vandellas) and Year 6 will be performing The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

For extra-curricular activities, we have had choir clubs and guitar clubs.

Our music curriculum is designed to give children a wider appreciation of different genres of music, whilst also exposing them to musical vocabulary and giving opportunities to play and perform with their voice and/or musical instruments.

The National curriculum statements we aim to achieve by the end of KS2 are:

Pupils should be taught to:


Mu2/1.1    play and perform in solo and ensemble contexts, using their voices and playing musical instruments with increasing accuracy, fluency, control and expression

Mu2/1.2    improvise and compose music for a range of purposes using the interrelated dimensions of music

Mu2/1.3    listen with attention to detail and recall sounds with increasing aural memory

Mu2/1.4    use and understand staff and other musical notations

Mu2/1.5    appreciate and understand a wide range of high-quality live and recorded music drawn from different traditions and from great composers and musicians

Mu2/1.6    develop an understanding of the history of music.