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DSPL - Delivering Special Provision Locally 


Please find below a link to the DSPL Weekly News.

The newsletter intends to keep parents/carers up to date with training, support and signposting. 

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Parent workshops are updated regularly and include workshops available from many different charities and advisory services across Hertfordshire.  

Understanding ADHD Webinar

00:00 Understanding ADHD 02:03 What is ADHD? 10:20 Myth-busting 15:40 How is ADHD diagnosed? 25:15 The challenges of being different 34:41 The benefits of being different 37:42 Supporting your ADHD child 52:36 Summary

Understanding Autism Webinar

00:00 Understanding Autism 00:13 Welcome and Introduction 03:15 What is Autism? 09:14 Myth Busting 19:27 How is Autism Diagnosed? 24:32 The Challenges of Being Different 48:02 The Benefits of Being Different 50:41 Supporting Your Autistic Child 1:17:14 Summary

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