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Year 5

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Human Reproduction and Ageing

In the Human Reproduction and Ageing project, your child will learn what life cycles are, order the stages of life cycles for different animal species and compare them. They will learn what mammals are and the five key mammalian characteristics. They will sort vertebrates, deciding whether or not they are mammals. They will look closely at different mammalian life cycles and make comparisons. They will investigate the relationship between the mass of mammals and how long they carry their young by creating and interpreting scatter graphs. They will learn about the stages and processes of the human life cycle. They will learn about human gestation from embryo to birth. They will investigate how humans change and develop from infant to adolescence in the juvenile stage. They will learn about the changes that happen during puberty. They will interpret data about human growth and learn about the human reproductive system and sexual reproduction. They will learn about how humans change as they get older. They will investigate how ageing affects reaction times.