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Year 6

We hope you have had a fantastic Easter Break and are looking forward to a busy Summer term.

Throughout our curriculum this term, we will be continuing our development of a Growth Mindset to enable us to approach all aspects of life with resilience, respect and tolerance. We will focus on the British value of Democracy, using debate and listening skills, as well as understanding the significance of voting throughout our core and foundation subjects.

Our History topic this term is all about Ancient Greece. We have lots of exciting lessons planned. We will be using our history skills to sequence timelines, plotting key events in chronological order as part of world history. We will be looking at how Ancient Greece had impacts on life in both Ancient Greece, modern Greece and the world today; how we can analyse

artefacts to gain an understanding of Ancient Greece and the development of Ancient Greece and how key events led to its dominance of Europe in those times.

In Design and Technology, we will be undertaking a Make, Do and Mend unit, where we will using sewing skills to patch holes in clothing, make and embroider.

In English, we will initially be looking at 'The Spiderwick Chronicles' by Holly Black and Tony DiTerlizzi. We will then go on to look a range of genres including persuasive writing, recounts, narrative and non-chronological reports throughout the rest of the term. We are focusing on a range of grammatical and writing features, including: speech to advance the action, writing to engage the reader and using adverbials, prepositions and conjunctions to add extra detail.

In Guided Reading, we will be studying ‘Who Let the Gods out?’ by Max Evans, a story linked closely to our History topic of Ancient Greece.

Science will be a unit focused on Living Things and we will then, after half term go on to focus on the Circulatory System.

Our Maths lessons will be taught from our Power Maths scheme. Over the term, we will cover lots of new maths topics, add to skills we already have and develop them even further! To start off the term we will be looking at Statistics and will be spending time revising some of our previous topics in preparation for SATS in May. Don't forget to recap our learning so far on fractions, decimals and percentages!

Remember to check Google Classroom regularly for extra practice of key skills and revision and to engage with SATS bootcamp, which will really support revision in the lead up to SATS.

In PE this term we will be starting our net and wall games unit in PE, focusing on the use of a racket in sports such as Tennis and Badminton. We will also begin our whole school journey in orienteering, building up our skills so that we can start to take more of our other curriculum lessons outdoors! Please make sure you come to school in your PE kit on your PE days (red school jumper, white polo shirt and plain black shorts or jogging bottoms, black trainers).

In the week beginning 22nd May 2023, we also have our swimming week for year 6, so make sure you send your children in with a swimming costume in a waterproof bag, along with suncream, a water bottle, a swim hat (for long hair) and goggles (if wanted).

Your PE days are:

6 Gold (Mrs Arends) – Monday and Friday

6 Ochre (Mrs Hastings) – Monday and Friday

6 Amber (Mr Hicham) - Monday and Friday

SATS Week Information


SATS will take place during the week beginning the 8th May 2023. We do have a bank holiday for the King's Coronation on the 8th May, so this year SATS will take place on the Tuesday 9th, Wednesday 10th, Thursday 11th and Friday the 12th.

Year 6 Spring Term 2023

KAHOOT SPAG Quiz - Monday 8th May


Link Code will be posted at 10am on Monday 8th May 2023.


The game will start at 10:15am.


Make sure the nickname you select is your first name, so I (Mr Hicham) know who wins the quiz!


Website link


Code for Kahoot SPAG Quiz