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Wilbury Parliament

Wilbury Parliament

Year 6 children were invited to apply to be the Prime Minister and the deputy Prime minister. They had to make a short video explaining why they would make a good leader for our school. The whole school then voted who would take these positions. Elections took place on 23rd September 2022. 

Prime Minister: Daniel

Deputy Prime Minister: Aristina


We then had 3 different committees. Children from all over the school were invited to fill in and submit an application form. Below are the committees and the representatives. 


Health and Wellbeing Committee: Lewis, Amelia, Olivia-May and Evie

Curriculum Committee: Lyla, Libby, Hope and Madison

Sustainability Committee: Isla, Amy, Edion and Kaci



We have a notice board of all the things we do at the Wilbury Parliament. 


Wilbury Elections

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Wilbury Prime minister and deputy prime minister

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Autumn 2022

Up-coming events...

Wellbeing committee - Hello Yellow Day

Sustainability Committee - Apple collection 

Curriculum Committee - Curriculum at work Evening