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Wilbury Parliament

This year we have changed the school council to Wilbury Parliament. 

Year 6 children were invited to apply to be the Prime Minister and the deputy Prime minister. The whole school then voted who would take these positions. 

Angel is Prime Minister and Janisha is the deputy Prime Minister. 


We then had 6 different committees

Charity and community

Health and Wellbeing



Public Relations

Arts and Music


The children then write application forms to apply for the different committees. The Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister chose the committees. 


We have a notice board of all the things we do at the Wilbury Parliament. 


Autumn 2021

We met many times a a whole parliament and in our individual committees. 

We met Oliver Heald

We went to the houses of parliament

We organised apple pressing and all the school tried freshly pressed apple juice

We introduced compost bins in each of the playgrounds 

We listened to ideas and suggestions from others

We showed people around our school 

Lead Children in Need day - collected money for non school uniform day and sold items 

Lead remembrance charity and sold items

Write action plans


Spring term 2022

Social media presence- word of the week and sporting  vision for Wilbury

More eco friendly ideas and activities- recycling

Pupil voice about what they are learning 

lead a social and charity event 

to have more of a social media presence 

To have a competition for children in art and design 


Summer term 2022

To support with the advertising of sports week

Social and charity event

(more to follow)