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Wilbury Parliament

Wilbury Parliament

Year 6 children were invited to apply to be the Prime Minister and the deputy Prime minister. They had to make a short video explaining why they would make a good leader for our school. The whole school then voted who would take these positions. Elections took place on 23rd September 2022. 

Prime Minister: Daniel

Deputy Prime Minister: Aristina


We then had 3 different committees. Children from all over the school were invited to fill in and submit an application form. Below are the committees and the representatives. 


Health and Wellbeing Committee: Lewis, Amelia, Olivia-May and Evie

Curriculum Committee: Lyla, Libby, Hope and Madison

Sustainability Committee: Isla, Amy, Edion and Kaci



We have a notice board of all the things we do at the Wilbury Parliament. 


Wilbury Elections

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Wilbury Prime minister and deputy prime minister

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Autumn 2022

Wellbeing Committee - Hello Yellow Day

Sustainability Committee - Recycling initiative

Curriculum Committee - Curriculum at Work Evening

Wilbury Parliament - Children in Need


Spring 2023

Upcoming events...

Wellbeing Committee - Generosity Day with the Agora partnership

Curriculum and Sustainability Committee - Just be Child Charity Book Event 

Apple Pressing


We picked the apples from our Orchard at the bottom of our school field. Once the apples were harvested we washed them in water and scratted them. A scratter is a machine which slices and mushes the apples. The apples came out of the bottom of the machine and into a bucket. Next we put them in the 'presser.' We had to spin the handle at the top to press the apples. The juice ran out into the bowl below. Before we could drink the juice, we had to sieve out the last of the apple pieces. We served it to the whole school. Every pupil and member of staff had the opportunity to taste the the wonderful apple juice, freshly squeezed, from apples of our very own orchard. 

By Isla (Sustainability Committee)

#Helloyellow day (Wellbeing Committee)

Genorosity Day

We organised a day based around the theme of Generosity. This was in partnership with the other schools in Agora. We focused on acts of kindness over material goods. We made certificates, played team games, sang songs, made cards and donated to a local Charity, called Sebby's Corner.