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Wilbury Parliament

Wilbury Parliament

Year 6 children were invited to apply to be the Prime Minister and the deputy Prime minister. They had to make a short video explaining why they would make a good leader for our school. The whole school then voted who would take these positions. Elections took place on 26th September 2023. 


We then had 3 different committees;

Health and Wellbeing Committee

Curriculum Committee

Sustainability Committee


Children from all over the school were invited to fill in and submit an application form. Below are the committees and the representatives. 





Autumn 2023


Parliament Week 


At Wilbury Junior School we understand how important it is that everyone has their say.  Our Prime Minister and Deputy took the opportunity of the UK's Parliament week to host an assembly about what our country's Parliament is, what it does and how the public can get involved.  Pupils were also encouraged to write down the issues that are important to them and their ideas for new laws.


Our school Prime Minister said "I really enjoyed doing the assembly because this is a very important week for Parliament to explain what they do."  



Apple Pressing


Wilbury Parliament picked the apples from our orchard and pressed them into juice with the help of the Wilbury and Icknield Schools Parents Association (WISPA).

Children in Need Day 2023


The Wellbeing Committee hosted an assembly to tell the school about Children in Need Day and the work the charity does to help children. They reminded everyone to wear spotty clothes and launched a competition to design a bookmark. The winning entries are below. 


The leader of the Wellbeing Committee said, "I enjoyed doing this because it is good to raise money for charity."