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Mr March - PE Workout Challenge

Well done to the winners of this week's Wilbury's PE workout challenge. They are:

Year 3 and Year 4  - Eva

Year 5 and Year 6 - Imogen

Well done to everyone for taking part.

For this week's challenge, Mr March would like you to come up with your own 3-minute workout using any range of exercises or activities that you want, making each exercise last for as long as you want or to be completed however many times you want. 
You need to record yourself talking us through a 3-minute workout (demonstrate the activities and state at the start of the equipment that is needed - a ball for example). This is a great opportunity to show your knowledge of PE and your confidence in front of the camera.
To add incentive, Mr March will personally complete every activity video that is sent in to see which one makes him work the hardest in those 3 minutes. He will also ask as many staff as possible to join him completing the winning videos.